Best Curly Hairstyles for Women Over 40

1. Side Swept Blonde Hair with Curls


This hairstyle has been sported by many rich and famous people, making it very popular among people. The specialty of this hairstyle is that the wavy curls fall along the face and almost immediately making you look younger. The side partition makes you look graceful and this hairstyle is suitable for women of all face shapes.

2. Brunette Hairstyle with Ringlet Curls


If you have brunette colored long hair with ring like curls, then you should consider yourself lucky. For such people, the brunette hairstyle with ringlet curls will suit the best. You can leave it open or can tie your hair in any fashion. If your hair is unmanageable, then confining it with a few clips will do the trick.

3. Short Hairstyles with Curls and Bangs


Curly hairstyle and bangs is a very popular style among women. Some women may go for the frontal bangs while others prefer the side bangs. Women with a broad or high forehead would love to keep this hidden and bangs help them to a large extent. The bangs with curls give them a younger appearance and helps in boosting their confidence. Even women with shoulder length hair can sport this hairstyle.

4. Medium Blonde Wavy Curly Hairstyle


Medium length hair has a special place in the hearts of many women. The main reason being it is easy to style in whatever way you want and easy to manage as well. So, if you have a medium length hair, then it is ideal to go for the medium blonde wavy curly hairstyle. If you like so, you can leave some hair in a side swept fashion.

5.Long Blonde Hair with Voluminous Loose Curls


Lovers of long voluminous and curly hair can try out the long blonde hair with voluminous loose curls hairstyle with style. The long and gorgeous curls enhances the beauty of the wearer when they leave it open. Long curly hair women can try out other special hairstyles to make them look younger.

6. Medium Blonde Hair with Face Framing Bangs and Curls


The face framing bangs with curls is a fun hairstyle for anyone who likes to have some enjoyment. This hairstyle is a great mix of many different hairstyles combined into one that will give your face a proper frame. If you are planning to go out on a casual date, then go ahead and try this hairstyle.

7. Beachy Wavy Curly Hair


The Beachy wavy curly hair cut is perfect for a stylish fashion event as well as for a relaxed day at the beach. This hairdo is inspired by the beach and is ideal for women with short and curly hair.

8. Side Swept Blonde Retro Curls


The side swept blonde retro curls is suitable for the holiday season or for a seasons party. This hairdo will give you a retro look and all of this can be possible by just twisting your curls. To add some glamour to the hairdo, you can let some hair to fall on one side of the forehead.

9. Mid Length Messy Curly Hair


Even women with mid length hair can sport a messy curly hair with style. The length of the hair should not be more than the shoulder level. Make sure there is a good balance to achieve the right hairstyle. Too much messy hair will not look that good. If you are not sure, take the help of a stylist to achieve that messy look. Thin hair ladies can use a volume spray.

10. Long Blonde Wavy Hair with Curls

The flowing long blonde locks are a nice style statement. Allow the soft curls to fall down along the length of your hair. This hairdo will look good on young as well as old women. This hairstyle is so good that it can be worn on your wedding that will complement your attire beautifully.

11. Blonde Curly Bob Hairstyle


The blonde curly bob hairstyle is suitable for women with very short hair. You can wear this hairdo on any party dress or gown with a lot of style. This hairstyle has been worn by several celebrities on the red carpet. This hairdo complements all face structures and plays a vital role is reducing your age. In case you don’t have much hair volume, then this hairstyle will create an illusion of having thick locks. Don’t, worry if you don’t have natural curls, you can even consider getting a perming session to attain this look.

12. Medium Blonde Curly Bob


The medium blonde curly bob is ideal for women with heart shaped face. It gives a nice frame for the face and if you have soft curls, then you are lucky. You can sport this hairdo for a party as well as for a formal occasion, just set it with a gel and you are ready for the whole day.

13. Blonde Curly Pixie cut


This haircut is a very stylish one and anyone above 50 can easily sport them for any occasion. This hairstyle looks great for women with very short hair as it will highlight the face more than anything. The small length hair will prevent it from becoming messy. It is one of the easiest hairstyle to maintain with very little managing required.

14. Medium Hair with Curls and Bangs


The medium hair with curls and bangs is the go to hairstyle for any day. The curls add a nice touch of femininity and the bangs aid in hiding the wide brows. If you don’t have curls, then you can get it curled and complete the look. A lot of celebrities have worn this look on various events.

15. Short Blonde Curly Hairstyle


The short blonde curly hairstyle is a popular hairstyle in the fashion world. This is a Marilyn Monroe style hairdo. You can make your curls soft or intense with the help of a stylist. The front bangs on the forehead will help hide the forehead. For special occasions like weddings, you can add a stone studded hair band as an accessory to accentuate the overall look.

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