Choosing a cat breed

There is a bewildering variety of shapes and sizes, colors, and coat types to choose from if you opt for a pedigree cat. However much looks appeal, you should consider a breed’s personality and needs before coming to a decision.

Do your research

Most people fall in love with a particular breed of cat because of its looks, but there are other important points to consider. Different breeds have distinct characteristics and varying requirements in terms of daily care, companionship, space to roam, and mental stimulation. You cannot have a happy cat if your lifestyle is not compatible with the breed’s temperament. And you will not be a happy owner if your pet is a noisy and hyperactive mischief-maker when you wanted a peaceable lap cat. The advantage of having a pedigree cat is that you can find out beforehand what you could be letting yourself in for. Do some research in advance—breed websites are often an excellent source of information. If possible, visit a cat show on a fact-finding mission, but be prepared to find all the breeds you look at equally appealing.

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