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Do you wake up every night at the same time? This is what it means

Wake Up Times And What They Mean



Western medicine (aka traditional medicine) uses the term “circadian rhythms” to describe these processes and the changes that happen internally in response to our environment. While it’s not 100% clear on all of the details and reasons behind why our rhythms have the effects they do, we are slowly beginning to explore the relationship between disruptions in these rhythms and the development of illness.

Here is a list of wake-up times and the organs they are associated with — TCM believes that many of these blockages should be viewed physically and emotionally.

10 pm- 11 pm: Hormones and Metabolism

Having trouble falling asleep in the first place is a clear sign of uncontrolled stress. Try to find the true root causes of your stress (which can result in adrenal fatigue among other things) as a first measure.

Additionally, according to TCM, the inability to sleep at this time could be a result of other endocrine imbalances including your thyroid or a problem with your metabolism. Learn more about your personal metabolism here.