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Do you wake up every night at the same time? This is what it means

11 pm- 1 am: Gall Bladder

Have you been having a hard time making decisions lately? Maybe feeling a little low in the self-esteem department?

Physically, the gallbladder stores and excretes bile, but emotionally, according to TCM, it’s in charge of self-esteem and decision-making. If you’re not sleeping by this time, you are depleting your gall bladder’s energy stores, which over time, can lead to poor self-esteem, poor judgment, or difficulty digesting fats.

1 am- 3 am: Liver

Have you been irritable, frustrated, or angry more than usual?

If so, your liver might be in need of some rebalancing.  If you’re not sleeping at this time, you can quickly become deficient, especially if you are female because of the importance of blood for menstruation (even for those going through menopause).

The liver is also emotionally connected to anger. You may find that if you have been waking up often between 1-3am you may have repressed anger or long-standing resentment. Symptoms of liver imbalances include irregular menstruation, anemia, chronic fatigue, and headache. You can support your liver naturally with medicinal herbs, and by making some simple lifestyle changes.