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7 Amazing Signs That Tell You Eating More Sugar Than Normal

7 Amazing Signs That Tell You Eating More Sugar Than Normal Shutterstock

This are some of the red flags that your body sends that will let you know that you are taking so much sugar that is unhealthy for your body.

  • You constantly crave sugary things.

When you get so accustomed to taking sugar into your blood the body, just like any other addictive substance, your body and taste buds becomes so used to them that they begin to want more. Another thing that causes sugar cravings is body response and its after effects once you take sugar. Like an actual drug sugar raises your energy levels when in the blood stream then after some time, you come down with a crash, a hormonal response that makes you want more.

  • You feel sluggish throughout the day.

Just as said earlier, when sugar finds its way into the bloodstream after consumption, it increases the amount of insulin in the blood which gives you a "high" feeling which later leaves you low when you must have used up the sugar. The body energy levels of the body is normal when the sugar levels are, so a high intake of sugar will lead to a wavy, unstable, high and low feel every time. It is best to balance your diet with protein and fiber.

  • Your skin won't stop breaking out.

We have talked about the high and low feel you get from too much sugar intake. Many people react differently from the many alterations of the body energy levels. For sure this has something to do with your hormones and can eventually lead to a hormonal cascade which leaves you with a breakout (depending on the individual) likes of; acne what we call pimples. The problem here is that people keep treating the skin for other suspected causes of breakout and end up destroying the whole skin quality. So now you know it, sugar can ruin your face!!

  • You're way moodier than usual.

You continue to have mood swings especially during important hours of the day (work hours) this eventually will lead to stress and contributes a lot to having a bad attitude, because your body sugar levels rise and fall, so does your mood.

  • You've been putting on some weight.

Consuming excess sugar increases the calories you take, but sugar has no protein or fiber so you do not get filed up, which keeps you wanting to eat more and more. This triggers release of insulin into the blood stream, for the purpose of this article all you need to know about insulin is its role play in weight gain. The pancreas releases this hormone which does the work of delivering sugar to the needed sites and organs in the body. When sugar consumption is high, the insulin release is also increased which will eventually lead to insulin resistance. The body begins to see the too many release of insulin as a threat and then refuses to respond to them. This also means cell or organ intake of sugar will be altered, leaving so many sugar in the blood eventually leading to weight gain and also diabetes, when the pancreas has over worked itself.

  • You've been getting more cavities.

The body has been designed to function properly at certain pH levels and temperatures. At the mouth region, the saliva maintains the bacterial growth of the mouth at a certain pH, but when we take so much sugar, that pH is altered giving bacteria a breathing space to thrive uncontrollably, they begin to chow on food remains on the teeth, producing acid during the process, causing tooth decay and cavities.

  • Nothing tastes as sweet as it used to.

Just like working out, carrying weights and moving on to heavier ones. High sugar intake kills the taste buds (not the stabbing or shooting kind of kill though). The tolerance of your taste buds for sugar go up, you just have to take lots of sugar to get that sweet taste again. Trust me going back to the former levels of sugary things you consume becomes so boring and difficult. But just like losing muscles when you don't work out, you can also normalize the tolerance level of the taste buds by abstaining bit by bit from high foods with high sugar. It may even get to a level that things become too sweet for your liking. Nevertheless, it is better to watch your sugar intake, let it be as moderate as possible.

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