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The small crystals that usually form inside and around the joints are known as gout, which is a form of arthritis. This condition can cause serious pain and swelling and can affect your daily activities. The attacks caused by gout can appear all of a sudden, and it might last for several days. In most cases it will attack the ankle, wrist, knee, or elbow, but also it can affect the spine and cause serious back pain. It is important you understand that gout attacks are caused by increased level of uric acid in the blood and it might lodge in your joint tissues.

Here are some details about foods that cause uric acid

When we consume food our body is going through a process where the toxins and waste we have consumed are broken down. This process causes the formation of uric acid as a result of the oxidization in the body which forms the crystalline substance. If you are healthy your body will manage to filter the uric acid from the blood through the kidneys, and you will get rid of it through the urine. In case your kidneys aren’t able to filter the uric acid it can lead to build up in the body thus experiencing gout attacks.

Some of the foods that are increasing the level of uric acid in the blood are meat products, lentils, sugar, peanuts, flour, seafood, sugar products, and peas. Also you should avoid consuming alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine if you have gout attacks.

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